Missing International https://amc-alertmissingchild.webs.com/apps/photos/ Missing International Amy Fitzpatrick January 31st,2008 MISSING AMY FITZPATRICK ON NEW YEAR?S DAY 2008, at 10pm, Amy Fitzpatrick said goodbye to her close friend Ashley Rose, with whom she had been babysitting Ashley?s brother at her friend?s house in Mijas Costa. Amy should have arrived at her home on the urbanisation Riviera del Sol in Mijas Costa, near Fuengirola, at about 10:10pm, as it was only a short walk away. But, she never arrived home and has not been heard from or seen since that night. Amy was 15 at the time of her disappearance; she has black hair, (it could be dyed blonde again), blue eyes and has a pale complexion. She is 1.65m tall and was wearing dark coloured crushed velvet tracksuit bottoms and a black T-shirt with the word ?DIESEL? in various different colours when she was last seen. Although Amy is Irish she speaks with an English accent as the area she is from is predominantly British. Amy also had her right front tooth rebuilt 3 years ago. She had no money, phone or passport as she was still on her Mum?s passport. She was wearing her friend?s clothes and carrying a bag of her own dirty clothes. She turned 17 on the 7th February 2009. Amy is originally from Clare Hall on Dublin?s North side and she moved to The Costa del sol with us five years ago Her computer and phone have been checked thoroughly and nothing was found to suggest she has left voluntarily with someone. Amy has numerous sites on social networking sites, e.g. bebo, my space, face book and MSN and none of them have been touched since she went missing. Although the probability that she may have left voluntarily fades with each passing month, lack of any useful evidence keeps it a possibility, none the less. It may be the case that due to the amount of publicity involved, she is afraid to make contact. We have not given up hope that new information will come to light, despite the time elapsed. We are calling on the public to provide information: It could be residents in the area, it could be anyone who was on holiday there at the time, it could be anyone at all. Please keep your ears and eyes open. Please send us any information you have no matter how insignificant it may seem. There has to be one person somewhere who knows something. No-one has been caught, which means they are still out there. If it happened once it can happen again. This has been the hardest year of our lives without Amy and we need her back so we can get our lives back on track. We are still no closer to finding Amy and we urge anyone who can help us to find her to contact the relevant number s below. Amy?s Mam: 0034 617 561 319 Or missingamy@live.co.uk SPANISH POLICE 0034 952 479 030 To speak to the police in English 0034 636 079 619 Amy?s official website is www.missingamy.com Amy?s official bebo page is http://www.bebo.com/helpustofindamy To download Amy?s poster and display it please click on this link https://share.acrobat.com/adc/docume...3-8b339d39df3f https://amc-alertmissingchild.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=125312506 125312506 Madeleine McCann May 3.2007 Praia da Luz Portugal Madeleine disappeared from a ground floor apartment, where the family was staying, on the evening of 3 May 2007. The apartment had been rented by the holiday company Mark Warner for the summer season as part of its Ocean Club. The layout of the Ocean Club may have contributed to the disappearance of Madeleine as its buildings are spread out across the village, such that anyone can wander in and out of the holiday areas. Her parents reported to the police that they had taken Madeleine to their holiday apartment at 18:00 Western European Summer Time, to prepare Madeleine and her two-year-old twin siblings for bed. Then they left at 20:30, leaving the apartment unlocked, to dine with friends approximately 130 yards (120 metres) away at a tapas bar within the Mark Warner Ocean Summer Club.The McCanns said that they were taking turns checking on their children. At 20:55, one of the McCanns' dinner companions, Matthew Oldfield, approached the bedroom window of the children to check if he could hear any noise in the room and at approximately 21:05/21:15 Gerry checked on the children. At 21:20 Jane Tanner noticed a man carrying a child going down the road next to the apartment of the McCanns. Slightly further down the road, Gerry was chatting to Jeremy Wilkins, whom he had met at the resort, and neither noticed Tanner as she walked past them to join the rest of the group at the tapas restaurant.At 21:30 Matthew Oldfield went to check the children but saw only the twins through the open bedroom door. At around 22:00, Kate returned to check on the children and found Madeleine's bed empty and the bedroom window open. An Ocean Club nanny, Charlotte Pennington, who was one of the first people to arrive at the apartment, said that Kate screamed both "They've taken her, they've taken her!" and "Madeleine's gone!". Kate said that the police were called within 10 minutes of finding her daughter gone.Gerry said it was one of their friends who alerted the resort manager and the police. The GNR?s spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Costa Cabral, said that the first call to the police (PJ) was at 23:50. According to the Portuguese police's missing person notice, the disappearance had occurred "by 22:40". The police stated that officers arrived within 10 minutes of being alerted, and an investigation unit began work within 30 minutes.Staff and guests at the complex searched until 04:30 while police on the Spanish border and all airports in Portugal and Spain were notified Eyes- Green Hair-Blonde White Female If you have any information concerning the disappearance of Madeline please contact investigation@findmadeleine.com ?Investigation Line: +44 845 838 4699 https://amc-alertmissingchild.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=127222498 127222498 Social networks may help find missing Ben Needham, who disappeared on holiday 20 years ago Published on Monday 30 May 2011 02:53 THE mum of missing Sheffield boy Ben Needham, who disappeared on holiday 20 years ago, is backing a campaign to publish the details of missing youngsters on a social networking website. Kerry Grist, from Ecclesfield, said the internet and mobile phones were a vital tool in the search for missing youngsters as they could reach a worldwide audience. Kerry said the international appeals were a significant development and called the idea, by Twitter, absolutely amazing, a really good idea?. In July her son Ben will have been missing for 20 years. He disappeared during a family holiday on the Greek island of Kos in 1991 when he was 21 months old. The new campaign will post information about missing children on Twitter. Kerry said: It involves not only Bens information, but it will feature a missing person every 30 minutes on Twitter ?It would probably be their contact details, maybe some information on where they disappeared from, who to get in contact with if you have any information. She said the advent of social networking was something she could not have imagined when her son went missing. She said: It is sent from just one person and then is re-tweeted and re-tweeted and in 30 minutes that information could hit thousands of people. ?Ben?s Twitter campaign has had a marvellous response - I believe the other day it had 4,200 followers. ?Ben has been missing for 20 years and it?s getting more and more difficult to keep up the publicity. The internet and social networking sites give the campaigns looking for missing children extra eyes and ears. If this had been around when Ben disappeared I don't think I'd be in this situation, doing interviews. I believe Ben would have been found. But we need to move forward, move with the times and get Ben?s information out there at the click of a button. The more the information is put out there, the more chance we have of finding him, or him finding us. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT NPIA Missing Persons Bureau on 0808 100 8777 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- South Yorkshire Police, Police Headquarters, Detective Sergeant Malcolm Silk, +44(0)114 2523341 https://amc-alertmissingchild.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=127401494 127401494 Dirk Schiller March 10,1979 Görlitz Bundesland ,Germany On the morning of March 10, 1979, Dirk Schiller, then age 3, was playing with his 6 year old sister by a shallow frozen brook in a field near to the parking lot of a stalactie cave in Harz, (then in former East Germany), while his parents were loading provisions into their car in the otherwise empty parking lot. Upon seeing that Dirk did not return to the car, his sister saying that he was right behind her, his parents searched the whole snow-covered field, finding no footprints leading to the brook or the river further down. The frozen surface of the brook near which the children had been drawing pictures into the snow with sticks was still intact. Dirk had not drowned. The small boy, who was afraid of crossing bridges, must have taken the other way over the road to get back to the parking lot. He had disappeared without a trace. If you have any inforrmation about the disappearance of dirk please Contact Dirk's mom Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_23461160867&id=10150220337210868#!/profile.php?id=100001299578371&sk=info https://amc-alertmissingchild.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=129882657 129882657